Opus 04 - Shutterbug Photo

Photo by Lisa Landrie, Shutterbug Photos. Used by permission.

Bill Thurmeier, builder, playing opus 4 Hammond CV manuals on the bench - front view, with technician John Botari Bill Thurmeier working on a pair of vintage 40-watt vacuum tube power amplifiers in our shop

Golden Eagle Organ Company welcomes you to our web site.

We are specialists in organ building and in servicing all kinds of keyboard instruments from the oldest pipe organs to the latest in digital technology. We have thorough training and long experience to apply to your repair or rebuilding project or to provide you with the best in a new or restored instrument.

Being musicians ourselves, we understand your requirements and we’ll seek to exceed them.

We offer warranties on all our work, from our basic warranty of 6 months for an ordinary repair to 10 years for a new pipe organ or major rebuild. We stand behind our work and we care about everything we do. We keep a file on every instrument we service, no matter how small or inexpensive so that we’ll have your entire service history available any time you call.

While we started with a focus on service, and continue to maintain this, we also sell new organs because we found that almost no music stores were willing to do so – and we’ve had frequent requests from clients wondering where they could buy an organ. Consequently, we sell new Rodgers, Johannus, and Hammond organs and Leslie tone cabinets. We also restore and resell used instruments. There are many models available, with something for every player from jazz and rock musicians to the most advanced classical organists.

Since we have technicians on staff, we also service what we sell, and we know what is found inside the instrument, not just what the sales literature would like you to believe.