Leslie Rebuilding and Repair Service

Classic Leslies also need care and attention – to keep them sounding and running at their peak. At Golden Eagle, we have the parts and the know-how. As well as having a comprehensive stock of tubes and components on hand to keep your Leslie amp singing, we have the belts, bearings, rubber friction tires, and other common replacement parts that may be needed to get your Leslie back to winding up and spinning down as it should – quickly and quietly. Our extensive wholesale connections are supplemented by our membership in the Musical Instrument Technicians’ Association, which puts us in communication with repair shops across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. Unusual model? Parts not available? If we can’t get them here, we know the folks who can.

Leslie Repair Service

Here’s a partial list of what we can do for your classic Leslie cabinet:

  • Tube amplifier repair and rebuilding – everything from simple tube replacements to complete overhauls, including re-capping (i.e. capacitor replacement)
  • Solid-state amplifier repairs
  • Motor stack overhauls
  • Horn driver cleaning, adjustment, and re-building
  • Horn bearing lubrication
  • Woofer re-coning
  • Drum bearing lubrication and overhaul
  • Drum balancing
  • Scrim-cloth replacement
  • Belt and idler adjustment
  • Belt, bearing, motor, driver, horn, or amplifier replacement as necessary
  • Cabinet refinishing

We have an extensive stock of parts on hand, and we have the wholesale and industry connections to get replacement components for just about any Leslie speaker system. Has your Leslie been “through the mill”? We can make it sound – and work – like new (and we can even make it look a lot better than it does now!)