Opus 05:  All Saints Anglican, Regina

Opus 05

All Saints Anglican
142 Massey Road
Regina, SK, S4S 4M9
(306) 586-4420

Although we primarily service and build pipe organs, we also service electronic organs. Since we have put digital stops into pipe organs, we also have the capability of creating an entirely digital specification. We had been servicing a Baldwin 645 organ for a few years at All Saints Anglican Church in Regina. The organ was developing more and more problems, sometimes bizarre intermittent problems. Rather than spend considerable money tracking these down, the church members opted to replace all the electronics in the console with a new digital synthesis system using the sound generation engine of Musicom, Ltd. In the process we eliminated some of the sub and super couplers and unused percussive stops and ‘Celestial Vibrato’ and were able to add 14 ranks to the organ bringing the total from 57 to 73 without adding any stop tabs (although quite a few had to be re-engraved). All the final voicing and finishing was done on site, although the initial setup of stops was done by the director of Musicom, Tony Koorlander.

The organ has 20 channels plus a Velodyne subwoofer channel for everything under 80 Hz. This is really telling on the 32’ stops where you can feel the floor vibrate up and down on low C of the 32’ Contra Bourdon. The organ also has full MIDI implementation, 256 levels of memory,99 position sequencer on every level of memory, a programmable crescendo and 2 tuttis on every level of memory, and a transposer. The sound generator uses 8 four channel sound cards with 24 bit data.

The dedication of the organ is scheduled for October, 2010. This is now one of the two largest organs in the province (the other 73 rank organ is Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Saskatoon).


The stop list is:

Swell Positif
16  Leiblich Gedeckt
Viole Celeste
2 2/3  Nazard
1 3/5  Tierce
Spitz Pfeife
III Mixture
V Cornet
16  Trumpet
16  Swell to Swell
  Unison Off
Swell to Swell
16  Contra Dulciana
Unda Maris II
2 2/3  Nazard
1 1/3  Larigot
III Cymbal
16  Positif to Positif
  Unison Off
Positif to Positif
16  Swell to Positif
Swell to Positif
Swell to Positif
Great Pedal
16  Open Diapason
Flute Célèste
Flute Ouverte
2 2/3  Quint
Super Octave
IV Mixture
III Cymbal
16  Basson
Swell to Great
Swell to Great
Positif to Great
Positif to Great
32  Contra Bourdon
32  Untersatz
16  Principal
16  Violone
16  Subass
16  Leiblich Gedeckt
IV Mixture
16  Bombard
Great to pedal
Swell to Pedal
Positif to Pedal
  • 73 rank pipe equivalent
  • Organ specification completely straight.
  • Sound Engine: Musicom Real Time Digital Pipe Modelling
  • Control System: Musicom
  • Console: Built by Baldwin to AGO specifications
  • 20 Channels Audio above 80 Hz (Tannoy Precision 6 Speakers)
  • 1 Channel Audio below 80 Hz (Velodyne DD15)
  • Total Output Power: 2.9 Killowatts R.M.S.
  • General Thumb Pistons and Toe Studs: 6
  • Swell Divisional Thumb Pistons: 4
  • Great Divisional Tumb Pistons: 4
  • Positif Divisional Thumb Pistons: 4
  • Pedal Divisional Thumb Pistons: 4
  • 32  Untersatz Reversible Thumb and Toe Piston
  • Programmable (on each level of memory) Tutti Thumb Piston
  • Programmable (on each level of momory) Sforzando Thumb Piston and Toe Stud
  • Great to Pedal Toe Stud
  • Swell to Pedal Toe Stud
  • Positif to Pedal Toe Stud
  • Great/Positif/Pedal Expression Pedal
  • Swell Expression Pedal
  • Crescendo Pedal programmable on each level of memory
  • Set Pedal thumb piston which combines Pedal and Great stops on Great divisional pistons
  • 12 position transposer
  • 256 levels of memory, individually lockable
  • Piston Sequencer Toe stud with 99 positions on each level of memory
  • Midi In, Out, Through