Pump Organ and Harmonium Servicing

While no longer being manufactured in Europe or North America there are a surprising number of pump organs still being played and greatly valued by their owners. Since these instruments share much in common with pipe organs in their operational principles and construction materials, servicing them is a natural for us. With an extensive inventory of leathers, rubber cloth, good salvaged reeds, and a full range of carpentry and refinishing equipment, we have everything needed to perform simple repairs or complete restorations including replacing damaged or missing reeds, drawknobs, drawknob indicator plates, repairing cracks in the windchest, recovering bellows and reservoir, cabinet refinishing, and cleaning and tuning reeds.

Our clients are always surprised how beautiful the organ sounds once everything is working well and the reeds are properly voiced and tuned.

While pump organs are no longer made in the Western part of the world, there are hundreds of shops in India and surrounding countries that still manufacture harmoniums, most often by hand. We can apply the same skills and tools to repair and restore these amazing little instruments as we do with pump organs and pipe organs.