Restoration and Rebuilding Work

We take great pride in being able to take an instrument that is a bucket of troubles for the organist and parish and turn it into something beautiful and responsive. Older organs often don’t realize their potential because of years of neglect. No matter what company built the organ, it needs to be regularly maintained, but even if it has, the time comes when too many things are worn out and there is always something going wrong, especially when the leather is beginning to rot out. We can offer the owner of the organ many different routes to go to accomplish the restoration of the organ. It can be done in various stages, starting with the more critical components, or the sections of the organ that can be restored within budget.

In some cases, the control system may need to be replaced. We have done many installations of digital control systems that bring the organ into the 21st century with features such as piston sequencers, 256 level memory systems. MIDI interfaces, transposers, etc. The list of options is very long. Or, we can include the addition of digital stops to the organ to augment small tonal recources. This is especially useful in the Pedal department where 16’ stops, or even 32’ stops are very expensive and take up a lot of space which may not be available. Digitally generated Pedal stops will cost only a fraction of the cost of real pipes. We also have designed and built a very simple transistor/diode control system which can be used to replace problematic ganged switch coupler systems. This system is very robust and designed to industrial standards. It can also have a transposer included.

We are also equipped to do console refinishing and complete rebuilding, windchest releathering, reservoir rebuilding, Chime action restoration, blower replacement and repair, refinishing or modification of casework and service or restoration to all organ systems.

We know the difference between rebuilding and restoring. As of April, 2015, we are engaged in the restoration of a theatre organ for the National Music Centre. This project involves carefully documentation of all work done and any changes made. We have also done complete rebuilding where poor quality units were scrapped and replaced with new units, poorly scaled and voiced pipes replaced with new ones, etc.

We will work with you on your particular needs.