Rodgers and Roland Classic Organ Sales

We are now the Saskatchewan Representative for the Rodgers Instrument Corporation and the Roland Classic Series in Saskatchewan. Bill began servicing his first Rodgers instrument in 1984, but expanded in 1998 to servicing all of the Rodgers instruments installed by the former Rodgers Representative, Glenn Goodman. When Glenn retired, Rodgers selected Golden Eagle Organ Company to continue the work that he had carried on so well for many years. Having serviced the Rodgers instruments in Saskatchewan for so long, some of which are interfaced with pipes, we feel a serious responsibility to continue to provide service for those instruments, but as solidly built and well designed as they are, even a Rodgers organ from the 1960’s or 70’s will start to show its age and need more regular maintenance. Rodgers continues to be exemplary in their provision of parts and manuals for these older instruments, but when a church or individual decides to trade in their older Rodgers for a new organ with superior sound and up to date connectivity, we are here to assist. In many cases we can find a new home for your older Rodgers (they keep their value quite well compared to other brands) and can assist you in choosing a new instrument from Rodgers’ full lineup to suit your current needs and budget. We can even provide financing.

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Rodgers has many fine instruments to choose from, but for practice instruments or small churches or chapels, you may find the Roland Classic C-330 and C-380 organs fit your budget and space limitations better. With the same sound generation system as the Rodgers 500 series, you will have the same amazing sound and flexibility as the larger Rodgers but at a more affordable price and in a smaller cabinet.

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