Rodgers and Johannus Organ Sales

We are the Representative for the Rodgers Instrument Corporation and the Johannus Organ Co. in Saskatchewan. Bill began servicing his first Rodgers instrument in 1984, but expanded in 1998 to servicing all of the Rodgers instruments installed by the former Rodgers Representative, Glenn Goodman. When Glenn retired, Rodgers selected Golden Eagle Organ Company to continue the work that he had carried on so well for many years. Having serviced the Rodgers instruments in Saskatchewan for so long, some of which are interfaced with pipes, we feel a serious responsibility to continue to provide service for those instruments, but as solidly built and well designed as they are, even a Rodgers organ from the 1960’s or 70’s will start to show its age and need more regular maintenance. Rodgers continues to be exemplary in their provision of parts and manuals for these older instruments, but when a church or individual decides to trade in their older Rodgers for a new organ with superior sound and up to date connectivity, we are here to assist. In many cases we can find a new home for your older Rodgers (they keep their value quite well compared to other brands) and can assist you in choosing a new instrument from Rodgers’ full lineup to suit your current needs and budget. We can even provide financing. Rodgers also makes custom organs and specializes in hybrid organs where a digital organ console is used to control a pipe organ with digital stops combine to full out gaps in the pipe work. Since Rodgers organ can be voiced note by note, the voicing can be customized and adjusted to make both the pipes and digital voices work beautifully together.

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Rodgers has many fine instruments to choose from, but for practice instruments or small churches or chapels, you may find the Inspire series 227 and 233 fit your budget and space limitations better. With a fabulous sound generation system similar to that used in the more advanced models, you will have the same amazing sound and flexibility as the larger Rodgers but at a more affordable price and in a smaller cabinet.

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We are also the representatives for the Johannus Organ Co. in the Netherlands. Johannus has an amazing array of available models from small home practice instruments to the largest 5 manual hybrid digital/pipe instruments. We import Johannus organs directly from Holland and will be happy to install and voice such an instrument in your home or church. We also usually include free instructions on using the organ after the tonal finishing is completed. Johannus' latest revolution is an organ that has digitally sampled sets installed. Each set is a sample of a different pipe organ including the natural resonance of the building it is located in. Playing the organ is like being there and playing that historic pipe organ in its actual location. New sample sets can be purchased and downloaded into your organ so that you can play on many different famous organs from around the world in your home or church. For more information on Johannus organs please go here:

Both Rodgers and Johannus are part of the Global Organ Group. The other two organ building companies which form part of this group are Copeman Hart and the Makin Organ Company, both of the UK. With the combined research and development of these four organ building companies, new levels of sonic accuracy and quality are being reached in all four brands. For more information on the Global Organ Group please go here: