Used Instruments: Leslie 760

Leslie Model 760 Speaker Cabinet, Leslie Combo Preamp II, and 9-pin Leslie Cable (approx. 30’). The Model 760 is a full-sized solid-state Leslie (approx. 46”H x 28”W x 20”D) with road handles, heavy-duty casters, and a black Tolex finish. Separate amps for the rotary horn and 15” woofer sections give it a total of 90 watts of audio power with loads of bass and rotating highs and separate motor stacks for the rotating horn and woofer drum.

All three items are in very nice shape – see the accompanying photos. (Click an image to enlarge.)

The cabinet has been cleaned, all belts and bearings checked, and the motors have been cleaned, lubed, and adjusted, lower rotor bearing grommet replaced, one volume potentiometer replaced the other cleaned and the Combo Preamp has been checked, potentiometers cleaned and serviced, and the whole rig has been thoroughly tested. It’s in great working condition and comes with a one-year parts and labour warranty.

Items are also available separately:

  • Leslie Cabinet:                    $679.00
  • Leslie Combo Preamp II:    $229.00
  • Leslie 9-pin Cable:                $89.00

Buy all three together and save over $100.00!

Give us a call or send us a note, and you can try them out at the shop, either with our Hammond SK-1 keyboard, or with your own guitar or other instrument – anything with a standard 1/4” output, low or high level. Please ’phone ahead, though -- we’re frequently out on service work.