Vacuum Tube Amplifier Repair Service

Despite forty or more years of predictions to the contrary, vacuum tube amplification is thriving – especially in the music industry. Thousands of tube amplifiers are still in use by musicians everywhere, and dozens of manufacturers are creating and selling new tube amps ranging anywhere from workaday production units to high-end hand-built gems. But while new tubes and tube amplifiers are being made in large numbers, tube amp technicians who know their stuff would appear to be a dwindling breed. Just have a look at the web: a lot of the information that’s being put out there by the so-called “experts” seems to be a combination of superstition, folk remedies, and just plain bad advice. Do you want the real answers from people who truly understand the technology? Bring your tube amp repair and rebuild needs to Golden Eagle: we have the knowledge and the skills, built over years of experience ... and we still carry our tube caddies with us wherever we go!

Vacuum Tube Amplifier Service

Whether you’re a professional musician, an audiophile, or just a dedicated user of vintage equipment, you may well be dependent on vacuum-tube amplification for the sound you want and need. And while it seems that vacuum tubes won’t be leaving the scene any time soon, things are getting to the stage where knowledgeable tube-amp techs can no longer be considered “off-the-shelf” items.

Fortunately, here at Golden Eagle Organ, we’ve never lost the touch. Tube amps are still a mainstay of our business, and we know how they work, why they fail, and how to make them sound their best.

  • We have a large stock of the most-needed tube types right here at the shop
  • We can test your tubes for you in the shop or at your premises
  • For more unusual applications, our connections to the wholesale market put thousands of tube types at our fingertips – both current production and “new old stock” – and we can easily provide matched pairs and quads to suit your needs
  • Not only do we have tubes – we have the other components that go with them, including hard-to-get high-voltage capacitors.
  • We can find service information on virtually any amplifier through our membership in the Musical Instrument Technicians’ Association.

There aren’t many organizations where all of the technical staff still carry tube testers and caddies as a matter of course ... but we do. Get in touch with us for all of your tube amp needs.