Hammond and Leslie Pro-Line Sales

Hammond and Leslie – the tradition continues!

The Hammond Professional Line includes a wide selection of portable instruments that have the authentic Hammond look, feel, and sound – but that won't throw your back out-of-joint when you go to pick them up. Come to our shop to try out the Hammond SK-1 – a compact 16-pound package with great tonewheel organ, pipe organ, ’60s transistor organ, electronic, orchestral, and piano sounds. It includes a state-of-the-art Leslie emulator, but it also works great with either a modern or classic Leslie cabinet. (And ... the SK-1 fits under your arm!)

To read more about the entire Hammond line of portable organs / keyboards on the Hammond website, visit

Leslie speakers are here to stay, too, and the line recently has been expanded to include the compact Studio 12 keyboard Leslie, and its companions, the G27 and G37, designed specifically for guitars. If you’d rather have a classic full-sized all-tube Leslie cabinet, check out the 122 and 147 series, available in a variety of interface options to suit heritage tonewheel Hammonds, their modern successors, and other combo organs and stage keyboards. Click here for details: