Roll-or-Kari Moving Trucks

We’ve moved a lot of organs over the years and have done it in many ways. One of the best methods that we have found to move both small and very large organs (and upright pianos) is with Roll-or-Kari (R) dual trucks. These clever devices allow you to slip a truck easily under each end of the organ, strap everything together, and with a lever on each truck, lift the organ up onto the wheels and roll it wherever it needs to go. The trucks have fold-down handles so that lifting over bumps and large gaps in the floor is a cinch. Even lifts up or down one or two steps are possible – without necessitating back surgery. If you’re transporting your organ, you can leave it strapped to the Roll-or-Karis during shipment so that it will be ready to go at your destination. Just fold down the handles and retract the wheels, and the organ will sit securely on its own weight until you’re ready to unload.

The Roll-or-Kari comes in two models, one designed specifically for the Hammond B3 with its characteristic four legs, and a standard unit for most organ consoles. Longer straps are also available for moving classical AGO consoles which tend to be rather large.

These trucks can also be used for any heavy objects, like large Leslie tone cabinets, appliances, furniture, and carpentry equipment.

Roll-or-Karis are made of solid oak wood and heavy duty metal parts. They are designed to carry up to 800 lbs (363 kg).

As dealers, we would be happy to provide you with further details and prices – just give us a call.